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Revelation SkyCeiling
Elliptical Luminous SkyCeiling
Luminous SkyCeiling
Custom Luminous SkyCeiling
Revelation SkyCeiling

Learn more about the only research-verified virtual skylights in the world

Sky Factory's Luminous SkyCeilings™ are the only LED Sky Ceilings that have earned international recognition for both research and architectural design. As the only research-verified virtual skylights in the world, our illusions of nature are unique.


Designed and manufactured according to a proprietary framework called Open Skies Image Technology, artists, engineers, and craftspeople collaborate in the creation of images that have a multisensory effect on the human physiology.

The result are Open Sky Compositions that are not only beautiful depictions of sky events, but simultaneously engage spatial cognition.

This phenomenon, backed by published research, endows our installations with the ability to engross observers in an optical illusion that yields meaningful therapeutic benefits for mind and body.



Sky Factory's illusions of nature™ are a visual technology that goes beyond distracting the viewer with a backlit image. Instead, these illusions of sky reduce mental agitation and evoke a visceral feeling of expansion while engaging our organs of perception.

It is this feeling of expansion in enclosed interiors that is responsible for the deeper restorative experience that observers have reported for over a decade.

Vlastní Luminous SkyCeiling™

Sky Factory's team of sky designers welcome the opportunity to work with you to create custom-tailored illusions of nature for your space. For more information, please contact one of our Sky Designers.

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Luminous SkyCeiling™

Luminous SkyCeilings are our flagship virtual skylights—architectural illusions of real sky views—designed to create perceived open space. Modular and easy to install, they can create a surprising array of rectangular shapes.

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Revelation SkyCeiling™

Sky Factory's Revelation SkyCeiling, is a next generation Luminous SkyCeiling designed for the larger spaces and higher ceilings found in various commercial, corporate, and public environments.

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