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The Vastness of the Sky...inside

The most sought-after feature in any architecture is a visual connection to nature. When building design or location precludes this life-supporting feature, a biophilic illusion of nature restores this essential wellness benefit.

Designed by artists using time-honored principles of aesthetic composition, Sky Factory's unique Open Sky Compositions are multisensory images of healing beauty.

What We Make...
           ...healing illusions of nature

Sky Factory's Open Skies Image Technology is a unique framework that allows our products to be scaled, thereby maximizing their spatial impact on enclosed interiors.

Our family of Luminous SkyCeilings and Windows, plus our Digital Cinema product line are biophilic design applications that provide research-verified, architectural solutions for a range of healthcare, commercial and specialty spaces.

Who We Work With
           ...professionals like you

Our team of artists, consultants, and builders work with the most demanding architectural firms—large and small—as well as with committed medical, specialty, and building professionals to bring your project to fruition.

Who We Are...
           ...context changes everything

Sky Factory is the only designer of evidence-based, virtual skylights. Unlike similar products, our process is informed by neuroscience. When nature imagery is deliberately woven into architectural context, it elicits a more powerful multisensory response—the key to Sky Factory illusions of nature’s unique ability to engage spatial cognition.