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SkyV - Now Shipping! A Biophilic Portal of Beauty & Wholeness

The World’s 1st Virtual Skylight with Feature-length Scenes

Sky Factory's SkyView is a digital cinema, multisensory illusion of real sky that restores occupant wellness by providing a beautiful, therapeutic focal point in isolated spaces.

This self-contained system uses a professional-grade monitor embedded within a faux skylight framework to tether visual content to architectural context. The result is a multisensory illusion that imbues interior environments with a restorative conduit to open skies.

SkyView offers designers and facility planners an innovative architectural feature that mitigates the deleterious impact of artificial environments lacking nature's healing multisensory stimuli.

Using the highest quality image capture and the most realistic skylight framework, SkyView displays the beauty of nature's skyward events, triggering the automatic “Relaxation Response” we experience in nature.

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Unique Illusions of Sky - SkyView features eight hours of real-time, unedited scenes of beautiful sky events—evolving clouds, overhanging branches and blossoms, even the occasional fauna—that generate a relaxing psycho-physiological experience.

Feature Length Footage - With an average length of 90+ minutes, SkyView's unedited scenes are without peer, exclusively designed to reduce the mental agitation endured in confining spaces.

SkyView's proprietary content is framed, captured, and composed to create a healing, biophilic portal. Our content is never looped, and does not contain jump-cuts or accelerated motion.

4K UHD - SkyView's Ultra High Definition footage delivers 4X more detail than full 1080 HD content with an overall resolution of 3,840 pixels X 2,160 pixels.

Advanced Technology - Unique professional-grade edge-lit LED monitors rated for horizontal use. Our self-contained systems are encased in a custom designed steel pan that ensures effective convection, ensuring continuous airflow and proper ventilation.

Industrial Strength - All components in our self-contained system are designed to withstand thousands of hours of continuous, 24/7 operation.

Self-Contained System


1) Monitor

2) Cover - protects and controls electronics environment.

3) Trim / Mounting Structure - holds and supports monitor, anchors assembly to the ceiling, and provides an aesthetic visual portal to the video content.

4) Wall Mounted Controller - wall mounted touch screen controller allows the user to select scene and playlists, pause, stop, and play scenes.

Interior Spaces & Environments

Zdravotnictví - SkyView is an ideal therapeutic feature in clinical environments lacking a visual conduit to a natural exterior.

A visual connection to nature is the most effective way to relax and provide comfort to patients about to undergo any type of stressful procedure, whether it’s a diagnostic, interventional, or therapeutic session.

SkyView is not designed for MRI environments. Instead, check out Podsvětlené SkyCeilings.

Obchod - SkyView can transform enclosed retail interiors by providing visitors a unique architectural feature that relaxes the physiology, thereby increasing dwell time.

In corporate settings, staff and clients benefits from the restorative impact of perceived open space in reduced spaces like conference rooms and interior receptions.

Kancelářské - SkyView benefits diverse environments, including schools where isolated classrooms exacerbate restlessness and undermine focused attention.

Other enclosed spaces like mass transportation control rooms, emergency call centers, and counseling services also tend to isolate operators in highly artificial environments.

Adding a restorative portal to nature enhances productivity, wellness, and increases job satisfaction.

Bydlení - Homes with finished basements or enclosed living spaces can now have access to a beautiful conduit to open skies.

4K Content in Architectural Context

Unlike televised or mobile content, Sky Factory’s Digital Cinema products display unedited, feature-length footage within a fully designed architectural portal.

Our simulated skylights and windows provide the essential environmental cues such as architectural reveals, scaled content, and undistorted dynamic compositions that trigger spatial cognition, thereby generating a palpable feeling of expansion in the viewer.

Unique Cinematography - Using the latest RED Digital Cinema technology, Sky Factory's award-winning cinematographers capture the beauty of the sky in all of its engaging subtlety and variety from a range of locations and climate conditions.

RED Digital Cinema Kamera

RED Epic® & RED One® are the UltraHD 5K and 4K digital cinema cameras used to shoot major Hollywood films.