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Custom Luminous Skyceilings
for Any Application

Overlay showing custom shape Overlay showing custom circular shape Overlay showing custom crescent shape Overlay showing custom half circle Overlay showing custom elliptical shape

Sky Factory’s team of artists, engineers, and craftspeople welcome the opportunity to work on your project. Whether you have a beautiful concept in mind or must work within narrow parameters, we can accomodate your design.

Sky Factory's unique image capture evokes the healing power of open skies

From Concept to Completion

Whether you have a pencil sketch on a napkin or a 3D model, our team has the experience to bring your custom design to life.

Imagine working with an S-curved perimeter or an inverted radius for half-moon compositions. Whatever you envision, we have the toolkit to create a rich assortment of geometrical or assymetrical shapes.

Our team will scale your design, offer an array of beautiful photographic compositions from our vast, proprietary library of sky images, and deliver accurate renders to help you visualize the design in its architectural context.

Unique Content for Seamless Skies

We are the only designer and manufacturer of virtual skylights that does not rely on stock photography.

Our team of award-winning visual artists capture all the photography, which is one of the key elements in Sky Factory’s Open Skies Image Technology.

Unlike anyone else in the business, we are not limited in scale or scope. Our proprietary library allows our clients the freedom to create seamless virtual skylights at any scale. Whether you envision a 350-foot interior corridor or multiple skylights featuring segments of the same sky image, we can go as large as any interior space demands.

Custom Luminous SkyCeiling at Kingwood Medical's New Women and Children Center
Custom Luminous SkyCeiling at Community North Hospital
Award-winning Luminous SkyCeiling at Sutter Diagnostic & Women's Imaging
Custom Luminous SkyCeiling at New York Pediatric Dentistry
Custom Luminous SkyCeiling at After Hours Pediatrics in Albuquerque, NM
Custom Luminous SkyCeiling at The University of Leipzig Hospital
Custom Elliptical Luminous SkyCeiling at Fortune 500 Company in Kiryat Gat, Israel
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Best Selling Custom Shapes

Take advantage of our standard Circular and Elliptical Luminous SkyCeilings and gain the benefits of custom shapes without additional design time. Select from a number of standard Circle and Ellipse sizes below.

Elipsy Kruhy