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Press Release Archive
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Salk Institute Conference: Iowa Company Reveals How Illusory Skies Engage the Brain's Spatial Mappingzáríj. 2018
Sky Factory Reveals the Neurobiology of Open Sky Compositions at European Healthcare Designcerv. 2018
Sky Factory unveils SkyView, the World's 1st 4K (UHD) Virtual Skylight with Feature-length Sceneszáríj. 2017
Neural Study on Sky Factory's Open Sky Compositions Earns EDRA's Certificate of Research Excellencekvet. 2017
Patient Outcomes are Looking Up: Luminous SkyCeilings Reduce Acute Stress by Halfzáríj. 2015
Sky Factory and the Tennessee Aquarium Make eSea Donation for Children's Hospital at Erlangercerv. 2015
Sky Factory Earns 2nd Architizer A+ Award — Revelation SkyCeiling™, 2015 Popular Choice Winnerdub. 2015
Sky Factory Launches eScape 2.0, a Smart Digital Cinema Virtual Window with New Integrated Platformled. 2015
eSea™, a Digital Cinema Underwater Experience: Biophilic Immersion for Specialty Interiorspros. 2014
A New Standard of Care for Patient Rooms: Personal Revelation SkyCeiling™ríj. 2014
Sky Factory Launches Next Generation Virtual Skylight: Revelation SkyCeiling ™cerven. 2014
Sky Factory's Luminous SkyCeiling, Jury Winner at 2nd Annual Architizer's A+ Awardsdub. 2014
fMRI Study Finds Unique Neural Correlates in Open Sky Compositions™ Designed to Enhance Patient Experiencedub. 2014
Neuroscientists at Texas Tech University (TTU) find surprising results during first-phase research into the effects of the Sky Factory sky image compositionslist. 2012
Sky Factory Sponsors Texas Tech Brain Mapping Researchkvet. 2012
Enlivening Biophilia: Sky Factory Promotes Healing for Cancer Patientsdub. 2012
Enlivening Biophilia: Sky Factory Makes Visiting the Dentist Less Stressfulbrez. 2012
Biophilic Design: New Techniques for Enhancing Eldercare Environmentsled. 2012
Sky Factory Founder Bill Witherspoon to Be Featured on The Brian Sewell Showcerv. 2011
Sky Factory Recognized by Illuminating Engineering Societyled. 2011
Calm Skies and Relaxed Patients Predicted for NHS CyberKnife®led. 2011
Sky Factory Brings World's First Digital Cinema “Window to Nature” to Los Angeleslist. 2010
Sky Factory Illusions of Nature™ Now Available on Attainia Equipment Planning Portalcerven. 2010
Inc. Magazine and Winning Workplaces Recognize Sky Factory as one of the Top Small Employers with Exceptional Workplacescerv. 2010
NEW Sky Factory eScape™: Digital Cinema Brings the Events of Nature Insidekvet. 2010
Beat the “Winter Blues” with Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings™ún. 2010
Sky Factory Launches New Product: Leaner, Greener Luminous SkyCeilings™brez. 2009
Introducing SkyV™: HD Virtual Skylights Bring the Events of the Sky Inside.ríj. 2008
Enhance Any Room with Expansive Blue Skysrp. 2008
Illusory skylights create revolutionary restaurant décorcerven. 2008
Spas use Illusions to relax clientsdub. 2008
The Big Architectural Illusionbrez. 2008
Bringing the Sky...Insideún. 2008