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Revelation SkyCeilings

Revelation SkyCeilings Gridless Artificial Skylight

Sky Factory's new Revelation SkyCeiling™, with its large, self-supporting gridwork, provides the most engaging biophilic illusion of sky available for larger rooms and higher ceilings, transforming deep-plan enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier and more restorative environments.
The enhanced dimensions and angled profile of the Revelation SkyCeiling™ make it an ideal architectural feature for the higher ceilings found in most commercial, corporate, and public spaces. In ceilings greater than 9 ft. (2.74 m.) in height, the Revelation SkyCeiling™ creates a captivating, geometrically sculpted portal to nature.

Revelation SkyCeilings 

1. Lighting Systems
The Revelation SkyCeiling utilizes the standard EcoPlus LED lighting system or the low-profile EcoSlim™ LED lighting system to provide daylight quality light. Each lighting system requires a different vertical clearance. The Revelation EcoPlus requires 8.87" (22.6cm) and Revelation EcoSlim requires 7.50" (19cm).

Možnosti osvětlení

2. Image Tiles
Sky Factory Luminous SkyTiles™ are translucent, high-resolution, photographic reproductions on durable, lightweight acrylic panels that convey the color, scale, and perspective of actual skies using the company's proprietary Open Skies Image Technology™. Standard SkyTile sizes are 3' x 3' (90 cm x 90 cm), 3' x 4' (90 cm x 120 cm), 3' x 6' (90 cm x 180 cm), 4' x 4' (120 cm x 120 cm), and 4' x 6' (120 cm x 180 cm).Katalog obrázků

3. Grid Ceiling (or Hard Ceiling)
Client-provided standard or custom ceiling grid or hard ceiling opening.

4. Architectural Elevators
Patented Sky Factory SkyTile Elevators recess SkyTiles above the grid, creating a robust structural appearance that mimics the support framework of a genuine skylight.

Key benefits

  • Enhanced illusion of an architectural skylight
  • Dramatically and affordably transforms interior spaces
  • Profound biophilic engagement with Sky Factory's Open Skies Image Technology™
  • Increased relaxation and psycho-physiological restoration - direct result of enhanced biophilic engagement

Key features

  • Supports large image panels up to 4' x 4', plus custom sizes (i.e. 3' x 6')
  • Unique and proprietary mega-format digital images
  • Image recessed with angled reveal
  • Independent, modular system works with or without ceiling grid
  • Flexible custom sizing
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated dimmable LED lighting

Elevator Comparison

Standard elevator
Revelation elevator